To My Brother On the Eve of His Wedding

Tonight I walked down the aisle of the church we grew up in. Mitch and I cracked jokes and laughed at how we didn’t go the right speed and how we had to awkwardly look at each other at the end. And then we stood on our respective sides of the altar and waited for Mandy to come down the aisle so we could go back home to the pizza and beer we had waiting.

And through the laughs and excitement. The teasing and drinking. I couldn’t help but think about my first day of first grade. I remember exactly how nervous I was walking to the bus stop. And how when we got there you had friends and I didn’t. But you’re my big brother and you took care of me. You watched out for me and made sure I found a seat on the bus and had my lunch box in the morning.

We didn’t become friends until many years later but you’ve always been on my team. From that first day of first grade and on. And I don’t doubt that tomorrow when Mandy becomes your wife the only thing that’ll change is that one more person will be on our team.

I can’t wait to see the life that you and Mandy will create for yourselves. I can’t wait to have another sister and to welcome her and her family into our family. I hope you find that your marriage is one of the best adventures of your life. I hope you find happiness and joy and laughter in each day. And I hope that you watch out for Mandy just as you watched out for me all those years ago, because now it’s her turn to get taken care of by you.

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