The Cure For Everything Pt. 3

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So you’re probably asking yourself if I was so dang miserable while I was in Colorado why am I smiling in my Instagram? Why did I tell everyone I had such a fabulous time when I came back to school that fall? Why didn’t I just say I was miserable? Because we all have our curated existences, my friend. And would I really be living my best life if I didn’t document everything I did and post it on social media to look like I’m leading “the perfect life”?

Well I wasn’t living my best life. And here’s a little secret. Living that “perfect life” is really hard. And it’s tiring. And if we’re being honest it’s really boring. I’m tired of having to take 30 pictures until I get just the right light on my selfie. Why can’t I take one that’s true to how I feel in that moment. I’m the only one who notices 90% of the “flaws” in it anyways.

I’m sick of having to live a curated existence. I’m tired of comparing myself to others. And I’m kind of ashamed of myself that even when I felt so horrible I still wanted to show off that I was in a new town, having new experiences when a lot of the people I know weren’t as lucky to have the chance to do the same. I was bragging about my privilege even though it brought me misery. That’s not okay. This is why I wanted to start this blog. Because we all have been guilty of this curated existence at one point or another. But we keep doing it. And it’s getting us nowhere. We aren’t growing from it, the people around us aren’t gaining anything from it either. But what is valuable is when I find out someone who I thought was living a perfect life confides that actually, they’re struggling too. There’s value in our flaws. They’re what make us human. They’re what makes us relatable and friendly and kind and us. Stop living a perfect life behind a screen. Find your mountain and make a great life.

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