The Cure For Everything Pt. 1

“The mountains are the cure for everything.”-Me commenting on someone’s picture they posted describing how they’ve been having a really rough time in their life but felt instantly better after going to the mountains.

I fully believe and stand by the mountains being the cure for everything. Sick? You just need some fresh mountain air. Anxious? Nothing a hike in the woods can’t fix. Bored, overweight, curious, adventurous. No matter what you’re going through, no matter what you’re feeling, the mountains are there for you.

Reigning from the Midwest it took years before I found out the magic of the mountains. It wasn’t until I went to Germany for a study abroad trip that I first saw mountains. But every morning I would wake up to them outside of my bedroom window. They called to me and I couldn’t get enough. Ever since then I’ve had a love affair with the mountains. Although until recently it’s been more of a flirtation. I would look at pictures and dream of the day I would return to the mountains. But I had zero wilderness skills and only technical knowledge of the environment thanks to AP Environmental Science. Until I made the move to Colorado. That was when things changed for me.

To be continued…

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