Finishing Up My 20th Year

If this entire blog is any indicator it should be no surprise that my 20th year of life was anything but easy. I spent days in bed struggling with anxiety and depression. I couldn’t bear to leave the safety of my room where I would have to put on a happy face and pretend I was okay. I couldn’t go more than a couple of hours without a gut-wrenching, body numbing anxiety attack. So yeah, it wasn’t easy.

But I got through it. I got through a horrible break-up that I thought was going to kill me, then shortly after I got through emergency surgery that had it been scheduled any later could have actually killed me. I got through my area of study and presented my capstone last week. I got through working with managers that shattered my already fragile self conscious. And I got through my twentieth year of life.

Now as the sun shines a little and the spring turns into summer I’m reminded. Even though it may seem that the leaves on the trees may never grow back after a bitter winter, and the birds will never be back to sing their morning praises in the trees, they always come back. Blizzards and freezing temperatures can’t keep spring from coming. Just like one day you realize that the past year sucked. But the next year is going to be great.

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