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Living a Curated Existence

And How I’m Fighting Against Mine

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About This Blog

Your 20’s are hard. No matter who you are. No matter where you grew up or what struggles you had. Your 20’s are hard. And it only gets worse when scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, and any other social media of your choice, and seeing people who seem to have their life together. Every picture they post is them looking candidly beautiful. Every status updates you on how great their job is and how everything is going perfectly in their life. And you start to think that you’re the only one who doesn’t have it all together. That’s their curated existence, and their real life is just as messy as yours. I’ve created this blog as one part a collection of personal essays, and one part protest of curated existences. This is meant to be a totally transparent, truly candid snapshot into my life. It’s going to be messy. It won’t be pretty all the time. But this is my true existence. No filters. (Full disclosure there may be some filters on the pictures ’cause I like my Instagram to look consistent. Obsessive personality problems amirite???)